Watch the First Night Of Shondaland Here With Us

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Tonight is the first official night of Shonda Rhimes' total domination of ABC. Shondaland is happening and we would like you to join us.


We will finally learn where the hell Olivia Pope has been hiding, how Meredith is coping without Cristina and experience the sure to be brilliance of Ms. Viola Davis. There will be open threads for Grey's Anatomy and How To Get Away With Murder and we will be live-blogging Scandal, the crown jewel #TGIT.

Tune in with us here starting at 8pm — we'll have open threads and a liveblog!

Images via ABC.

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I never got into Scandal, even though it has a lot of elements that I normally love. I haven't really been into network tv for a while. I will give How to get Away With Murder a chance though. Viola for the win!