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Watch the First Five Minutes of Lifetime's Saved By The Bell Movie

Illustration for article titled Watch the First Five Minutes of Lifetimes emSaved By The Bell/em Movie

Lifetime's campy Saved By The Bell movie is coming on Labor Day whether you like it or not, and it might be so bad that it's good. Real movie quote: "The network didn't kill us but the hormones might." Count me in.


The infamous lady network known for their cheesy biopics has released the first five minutes of the Saved By The Bell on their Facebook page, with footage of all of the characters from Zac to Screech — but most importantly, Slater's wig gets some decent screen time. Enjoy.


Image via Lifetime.

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Can someone explain to me exactly how big Saved By the Bell was? Like Victorious big, Hanna Montana big, or Sam/Cat big?