Watch The First Clip Of Nicolas Cage In The Remake Of Left Behind

It's finally here! Your first look at Nicolas Cage in a film some people think might literally cause the end of the world.


In this clip, you can see we're getting about 20-30 percent of Full On Cage. There's no telling if he will go truly 100 percent Full On Cage but hopefully, considering it is a religious film, we will be treated to that. I have absolutely no idea what is going on in this film because I never saw the original flick. Yes, I know my life is truly lacking because I have not seen Kirk "Bananas Are Awesome" Cameron in what is arguably his masterwork, the original Left Behind.


Via Christian Nightmares

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I tried reading the book once. I got to the part where after the big rapture thingy where all the "good" people are gone (and also ALL the unborn got raptured, because of course, but not all the pregnant women carrying them—and also, due to end times, no more children can be conceived because no new souls are coming to earth, an important plot point) and one of the ones left behind who works in an abortion clinic is mad because she's now out of a job.

I lost part of a security deposit after throwing the book against the wall hard enough to put a dent in it.