Watch 500 Years of the Female Portrait in Three Minutes

This captivating video shows nearly a hundred different portraits paintings of women, covering more than 500 years and all sorts of periods and styles of art. Western art, that is.


Still, watching one portrait (of a pretty white lady) transform into the next portrait (of a pretty white lady) is both freaky and fascinating, and I must say, I love the last 40-ish seconds, where those portraits start to get real modern and real abstract. ArtFido, the art sales and auction website behind the video, has also provided a list of all portraits included, in case one of the portraits really stood out to you.

Okay, I know this is all artsy fartsy, but honestly, the weird moldy transformation crossfades between each portrait totally reminded me of those weird-ass "Time Machine" videos that People puts together for various celebrity birthdays:


[h/t Kuriositas]

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While I'm not disputing the decidedly Euro-centric representation of features, I do take a little issue with dismissing all of these women as "white" - a lot of them are of mixed-race, and are of a time when intermarrying of wildly disparate family backgrounds for political alliance was the norm. Yes, their features were often anglicized in their portraits, but they weren't simply "white women". Calling then so dismisses a crazy-interesting facet of history.

But, thank you for posting this vid, it's wild to see the changing perspective of what beauty and form is over time.