Watch Taylor Swift Try to 'Act' in Her New Girl Cameo

Taylor Swift's much-hyped cameo New Girl cameo aired Tuesday night during the show's finale, with Swift playing Elaine, the old love of Cece's fiancé Shivrang (she refers to him as "Shivvy"). Swift blessed the television viewing audience with approximately 30 seconds of screentime.

Before the episode aired, Zooey Deschanel sang Swift's praises.

"She's awesome. She's super-funny and really smart. Very professional and we loved working with her."


As did Hannah Simone, who plays Cece:

"She's incredibly funny and was such a delight. We all were laughing, she was great."

Judge for yourself, but there appear to be some similar qualities between the character of Elaine and Swift's role as Felicia in the seminal film Valentine's Day. Mainly overt perkiness, a general love of life, and a name that sounds appropriate for a reserved, dignified lady.

Taylor Swift Guests on New Girl Season Finale: "She's Super-Funny," Zooey Deschanel Says [US]


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