Watch Steven Tyler Destroy the National Anthem

Depending on how much you like your singers to sound like dying animals, Steven Tyler either destroyed "The Star-Spangled Banner" before today's AFC Championship game, as in knocked it out of the park, or destroyed it as in you cringe so hard that your face breaks. Either way, you have to give Tyler major props for trying. He's clearly giving it his all, but sadly his raspy croak and tenuous grasp of the lyrics moved all of us—including the players—to tears of pain rather than to tears of patriotic joy. Luckily, the final Steven Tyler signature freakout at the 1:43 mark is just enough to remind us why we love the old chap. Now would somebody please get him a less hideous scarf and a couple gallons of hot tea to soothe those weary vocal chords?

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He sounded like...Steven Tyler. What were people expecting. True Aerosmith fans know that this is his voice and I thought he did well.