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Watch Some Dudes Play Holiday Carols With Their Ball Sacks

I bet the pitch meeting on this commercial was hilarious. Like, someone was all, "Why don't we have a row of nut crackers crunch nuts to holiday tunes?" "'No! Why don't we imply that men have balls of steel that make beautiful music when they collide?" And then the boss — who was in his head and not listening to anyone — goes "Hmm... boxers... boxers on a nutcracker... cracking nuts in boxers... nutcrackers in boxers playing Christmas songs... bells, balls, bells, balls... I have it: BALLS PLAYING CHRISTMAS SONGS IN BOXERS!" And then everyone else was like, "Yes, that's great! Can we go home now??"


My dude friend is making me tell you that doing something like this would hurt very badly (no doy) and to please not try it at home. You've been warned.


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If loving this is wrong, I don't want to be right.