"This is the TNT cypher," says Kenny Smith, introducing this incredibly delightful five minutes of the Inside the NBA men struggling to keep up with Nicki Minaj.

In an attempt to son the un-sonnable, Kenny reminds Nicki that "Shaq's been platinum all your life" (pretty much true; also listen to the tone of Nicki's bemused "OHHH" when Kenny is trying to explain this). Then the beat drops, Shaq starts doing an amazing Poopy Diaper Swag Dribble, Kenny raps like a turnt-up accountant, Grant Hill goes "I have to freestyle off this paper" and pulls a campaign speech for seventh grade treasurer out his pocket, and then finally Shaq drops a pretty okay verse.

"If this was hip-hop, I'm B-I-G," raps Shaq at 2:28. "Nicki Milaj [sic] will you marry me?"

Nicki's perfectly timed "NO" is best pop song of the year.

Watch till the end for Ernie's mic drop.