Seinabo Sey is a formidable star in the making, and her new video is mesmerizing: she takes Little Red Riding Hood and turns her into a blood priestess, standing her ground against a gun-cocking stormtrooper in the middle of a fairytale forest that's been burned to a crisp.

The video is directed by Christian Larson, who did the "Telephone" video as well as a documentary film for Sigur Ros. And how good is that song, anyway? It's all Tina Turner crossed with Adele: a very strong look, and notably different from Sey's other two singles, the boomeranging curse of "Hard Time" and the phenomenal, ecstatic "Younger." I saw Sey perform last week for the first time and was stunned by her presence, which was commanding and calm and full of diva gravitas far beyond what you'd expect from a 23-year-old. I recommend accepting Seinabo Sey into your heart as your personal Rave Pope, and if you haven't seen them, check out her other videos below.