Watch Rachel Maddow Own GOP Strategist Alex Castellanos After He Claims that Women Don’t Actually Make Less Than Men

Beware people who begin the arguments with the word "actually" because, more often than not, they're about to lay down a thick layer of nasally, affected condescension. At least, that's what happens in this clip from a Meet the Press confrontation between fact-marshalling Rachel Maddow and obfuscating GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, who incorrectly believed he could smarm and squirm his way past Maddow in arguing that, actually, women don't make only 77 cents on the dollar compared to what men make. I say "confrontation" rather than "debate" because Castellanos is full of shit and Maddow says as much by swiveling her head so sharply when he contradicts her litany of persistent inequalities that it seems she's in danger of losing it. Her head, I mean, not the confrontation, for which Castellanos, as plodding as Snuffleupagus with his words, was ill-prepared.

Alex Castellanos Denies Women Make Less Than Men [HuffPo]


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