Watch Out, There's Microscopic Poop All Over Your Hotel Room

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Did you travel somewhere this weekend and stay in a hotel? Well, here's hoping you didn't touch anything while you were there-like even lay down in the bed-because it turns out hotel rooms are fucking disgusting, and there are a few spots in the room that might seem like they'd be safe but actually are totally gross, according to a new study.


The study was conducted by researchers from the University of Houston in collaboration with the University of South Carolina and Purdue University. It was designed as a preliminary study in hotel room sanitation and sampled a small number of hotel rooms in Texas, Indiana, and South Carolina for levels of total aerobic bacteria and coliform bacteria (aka the stuff the comes from poop).

Typical "hot spots" like the toilet and sink in the bathroom were found to be very contaminated, but interesting the remote control and the switch on the bedside lamp were also very high on the list. That's what you get for ordering those exorbitantly expensive movies, I guess-hands covered in poop! But the very worst contamination was found on cleaning supplies the housekeepers used, such as sponges and mops. They pick up germs from one room and move them into all the other rooms being cleaned. Ergh. How nice that the very people who are supposed to be cleaning your room are actually making it dirtier.


Now that we know this and right about now most of us are jumping around in our chair due to the feeling of bugs crawling all over our skin, one hotel chain has wisely chosen to take advantage of our germaphobia. Best Western hotels has a new "I Care Clean" program that uses cleaning techniques, like UV light sterilization, that they use in hospitals and has specially designed, easily cleanable remotes. With all the dirt gone, all you'll have to obsess about during your stay is what kinds of dirty things are happening in the room next door to make the wall shake with such vigor.

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There is poop. Everywhere. In your home. In public space. In private businesses. Deal with it.

As someone who works in a B&B, I'm guessing that the effort, time, and materials necessary to ensure that everything in your room is 100% sterile would either a) not be possible to incorporate into an everyday work routine or b) raise the price of a room above what is affordable to most.