A brilliant move by the documentary team behind Lindsay is that they filmed Oprah's reaction as she got briefed on the progress of the docu-series. The news was not good: Lindsay was being difficult, refusing to film and holding the entire production hostage. Oprah sucked on her cheeks before saying she would rather cancel the entire project than "put up with this bullshit."


Just three episodes into Lindsay and her personal assistant wants to quit (because she literally will not speak with him for his requested 10 minutes a day), the crew is fed up and Oprah wants to wash her hands of the mess.

What was supposed to be a scheduled "checking in" session between Oprah and Lindsay turned into a chastising. Earlier in the episode, Lindsay had been complaining relentlessly about how the camera crew was making her life needlessly difficult, attracting paparazzi and inhibiting her from attending AA meetings. She admitted to her hired life coach that she wished she had told people that she wasn't ready to jump right into filming the series right out of rehab.

But when Oprah offered her an easy out—saying they would scrap the entire project if it was keeping Lindsay from being healthy and table—Lindsay insisted that she really did want to film, but that she just needs to meditate in the morning regularly, or something

Oprah dropped two f-bombs before concluding: "And so, you need to cut the bullshit. You really do."

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