Watch One Second Of Every Day in A Year Of A Celeb Photographer's Life

This beautifully done six minute film chronicles one second of every single day from Noam Galai's life in 2013:

This year I ended 7 great years working with AOL, I attended so many great concerts (Paul McCartney, Beyonce, Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift to name few), I traveled with my family, started freelancing for Getty Images and photographed so many great musicians/actors/athletes I admire and respect. I paraglided, swam with dolphins, and once again took a photo was considered to be one of the best this year. This year I also lost 2 great friends who died way too young... wish they were still here with us!. 2013 wasn't easy, but it was for sure one of the most interesting years of my life.

Watch for cameos from Martha Stewart, Tony Danza and lots more. But it's more than just the encounters with celebrities that makes this video compelling. The film also includes a second from the day the photographer got laid off from AOL after more than seven years—and a scene from the day he interviewed for a job with Getty Images.

Here's some key dates Galai highlighted for those interested in knowing more:

Jan 9 - Jan 28: Israel
Feb 10: Helicopter Photoshoot
Feb 27: One Republic in the studio
Mar 14: Carly Rose Sonenclar
Mar 17: Shooting my Robot self Portrait
Mar 23: Mar 27: Flying to surprise my family for passover
Apr 5: Alicia Keys
Apr 15: Working at the UN
Apr 16: Muse
Apr 17: Helicopter photoshoot
Apr 26: Filming Jason Derulo working out in the gym
May 3: Got laid off - Last day at AOL after 7.5 years.
May 4 - May 15: Israel
May 10: Paragliding
May 25 - May 27: Memorial weekend with the family
May 30: Interviewing with Getty Images
Jun 6: Working at Arianna Huffington's house
Jun 10: Paul McCartney
Jun 12: UN
Jun 20: First day freelancing with Getty Images
Jun 29: Carly Rose Sonenclar
Jul 1: Bruno Mars
Jul 12: Ed Sheeran
Jul 13: Taylor Swift
Jul 19: Timberlake and Jay-Z
Aug 2: Justin Bieber
Aug 10: Carly Rose sonenclar
Aug 11: Meeting Mau for the last time
Aug 24: Romeo and Juliet with Orlando Bloom
Aug 26: Us Open opening night red carpet
Aug 28: Americas Got Talent backstage
Sep 5: Behind the scenes of Carly's music video
Sep 6: Kate Upton and Miranda Kerr red carpet
Sep 8: Fashion week after party with Rihanna
Sep 11: 50 Cent and P.Diddy and then Helicopter photoshoot for 9/11
Sep 23: Playing Fifa with Drake
Oct 26: Fstoppers party
Nov 7 - Nov 11: Jamaica
Dec 10 : Fun.
Dec 19 : Beyonce
Dec 26 : Pitbull
Dec 31 : Billy Joel

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This man leads a much more interesting life than I do. WHY AM I WASTING MY LIFE?!