Watch One Brave Woman React to a Never-Ending Barrage of Dick Pics

Janet is likely the last person on earth who has not yet even been assaulted by a dick pic. So, in an effort to bring her into the 21st century, her friends got together and created a slide show of penis pictures (small, throbbing, veiny roadmaps: They're all here!) to give Janet a glimpse of what it's like to receive one of these pictographic penis representations in real life.


Janet's response is pretty much what you'd expect. She alternately frightened and strangely delighted by the absurdity of a penis just staring at you from your computer screen, its one eye boring deep into yours daring you to look away. And, of course, after seeing about 40 penises in a row, she pretty much forgets what a penis or a male body even looks like. It's like saying the word "is" over and over until it loses all sense of meaning. You know that you're producing sounds, but you have no idea if you're speaking some sort of alien language no one will ever understand.

As someone who has also never received a dick pic (the one I accidentally saw on my friend's phone didn't count) I am grateful that Janet has decided to go through the experience of looking through this many photos and declaring that all wieners are fine. We just don't need to see them on our phones in high-def.