Kenneth "Manimal" Faried, who plays for the Denver Nuggets, which is a hilarious name for a basketball team, stars in this very sweet PSA for civil unions in Colorado.

Faried is sitting between his two moms, Waudda and Carol. The whole thing is very charming and honest — it's not polished and over-produced, it's how families talk. The part at the end when Faried says, "No one can't ever tell me that I can't have two mothers, because I really do," is especially difficult if you have tear ducts and can feel human emotion.

The campaign is headed by One Colorado, an advocacy organization dedicated to securing and protecting equality and opportunity for LGBT Coloradans and their families. As it turns out, Colorado is very close to passing a civil unions bill that would allow gay couples similar rights to those of married couples. Ahh, separate but equal, when will we ever learn? Either way, hopefully this is just be a step in the direction of equality, with marriage for all coming very soon.

Since the bill passed Senate with only Republicans opposing (surprise!), it's looking like it'll most likely become law, especially seeing as the Colorado's Governor Hickenlooper (that's his name, folks) is very keen on passing it. Good luck, Manimal, Waudda, Carol, and Colorado!