Watch Nancy Grace Overwhelm the Dad of a Missing Kid With New Intel

On Nancy Grace Tuesday night, Nancy pulled off a big coup: she got to tell the father of a missing boy that his son had been found in his own basement.

"We're getting reports tonight that the boy has been found in daddy's basement," said Grace, never dropping her sensational tabloid style, even while dealing with an evidently shocked parent sitting in front of her.

The father, Charles Bothuell IV, claims that he had no idea his 12-year-old son, Charles "Charlie" Bothuell V – who had been missing since June 14 – was in the basement of their family home. (Supporting his claims, the police and the family searched the basement multiple times before this and found nothing.) According to USA Today:

[Detroit Police Chief James] Craig said Charlie was concealed by a makeshift barricade that police don't believe the child could have made. He said Charlie was discovered by police as they executed another search warrant on the home.

Craig said Charlie was crouched behind a large container, and there appeared to be food nearby. He said Charlie didn't call out but was happy to see police.


"It's almost like a Saturday Night Live sketch," said Al Roker, discussing Nancy Grace's segment on The Today Show Thursday. "How is it that Nancy Grace gets notified before the parents and holds that until [the segment airs]?"

Well, Jenna Bush Hager believes it's all real. So that's something.

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- I feel like a lot of the story has yet to come out;

- Nancy Grace continues to be awful ;

- My reaction would have been very different, not that it matters.