Watch Michelle Malkin Make a Fool of Herself While Trying to Mock the First Lady's Dance Moves

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin fancies herself something of a comedian, and thus decided to release a parody video of Michelle Obama's "The Evolution of Mom Dancing" from her appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Donning a black wig with bangs in the style of FLOTUS, Malkin dances her way through the "Evolution of Liberal Dancing." It's funny—just not funny ha-ha. I mean, it's weird to make a parody of a parody. You know? Mostly, it evokes a response of, "Oh, girl. No."


Successful parody requires a certain amount of respect for its source material. For example, Lonely Island's "I'm on a Boat" takes aim at the trend of high-budget music videos featuring rappers hanging out on boats for no particular reason. It's works so well because, while mocking the ridiculousness of rapping and dancing on boats in their lyrics and choreography, they maintain the same production value with the music and film techniques as the subject they're parodying. With the Michelles videos the source material is dancing. In the original, FLOTUS and Fallon are mocking mom dancing, which, at its core, is bad dancing. And their execution is meticulous, demonstrating an adroitness for recreating those unmistakable mom moves. They're really, really good bad dancers, and the tension created by that dichotomy is what makes it so funny.

Malkin, however, is a terrible dancer any way you slice it, which was inexcusable here, since, unlike FLOTUS and Fallon, she wasn't mocking bad dancing. She was mocking liberals. And while I actually found the names of the dances and the moves she invented for them to be kind of clever (raising the roof is called "Raising the Debt Ceiling"), to truly knock it out of the park comedy-wise, she needed some America's Best Dance Crew-type people to do them. In her attempt to deride FLOTUS, Malkin, the 42-year-old mother of two, she unwittingly made a mockery of herself by revealing herself to be the exact kind of mom dancer that they were lampooning on Fallon. High-fiving herself on Hannity this week only proved how un-self-aware she is.

Anyway, if you love to hate Michelle Malkin, there's plenty of hathos here for you.



I have the tendency to feel REALLY uncomfortable watching people embarrass themselves. Like I feel deeply embarrassed for them or something and have to look away. This does that to me.