Watch Leikeli47's Power-Posse Video Because You Run This

Masked Brooklyn rapper/producer Leikeli47 got her best girls together to boss up for a video that just juiced up this dreary-ass afternoon and served as a reminder of our lifelong dream to form a girl-gang and walk around wearing semi-coordinated outfits. (Seriously, what's the point of walking around with a posse of your closest homegirls if you're not wearing matching outfits? This is literally not a rhetorical question?!) She gained a little traction this summer with "Fuck the Summer Up," which was heralded by festival god-DJs Diplo and Skrillex, but this one is definitely more about getting ready to fuck up the fall with double dutch rhythms and power moves.

47 does not take off the ski mask, ever; she told i-D that her "main thing is to reach the people through my music, and not my aesthetic. Don't worry about if I'm light-skinned, dark skinned, cute, not cute, if I got a buck-50 on my face. Don't worry about none of that. Worry about the passion and the heart I put into my music." Got no problem with that at all.

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Dr Mrs The Monarch

Isn't it Leikeli47, not Leikelei47? (Sorry for being that guy.)