Watch JWoww & Snooki Attack "Italian Wannabe" Joy Behar

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Fed up with Joy Behar constantly mocking Jersey Shore, JWoww and Snooki have issued a predictably classy response. In a video posted online, they impersonate Joy with thick accents, and call her a "miserable fucking bitch."


The video, which went up over the weekend, has already been pulled from the "SnookTV" YouTube channel, but of luckily TMZ captured the "Nancy & Flo Show" In its entirety:

For those who aren't willing to waste eight minutes of their lives on watching these ladies air their grievances, here are some highlights. While pretending to be Joy, Snooki says:

You know why I don't like them? Because I'm fucking Joy, and these people ruined my life in high school. And that's why I like to talk shit about them on my little talk show.

JWoww responds:

The guidos, back in the day. When was that, the '30s? ... Instead of worrying about the Great Depression, they were worrying about making my life a living hell.

The premise of the borderline anti-Semitic video is that Joy is a "wannabe Italian," who's actually Jewish. For the record, Joy is Italian, while JWoww is Spanish and Irish and Snooki is Chilean. It's also odd that they're so defensive about Snooki writing A Shore Thing, when the book was penned by ghostwriter Valerie Frankel. But of course, America loves the Jersey Shore gals for their amusing catchphrases and tendency to assault each other, not their ability to form a well-reasoned argument.


Though the video does nothing to counter Joy's accusations that the ladies are crude and immature, it is somewhat satisfying to see Joy called out for the awful, pre-written jokes she works into every conversation on The View. Saying that Snooki can't read or write isn't exactly the height of wit. Both Joy and the Jersey Shore ladies are guilty of making idiotic and insulting jokes about each other, but expect this feud to go a few more rounds before they all appear on The View to settle their differences. Though the entire fight is best summed up by Joy's SNL catchphrase, "So what, who cares?" a Jersey Shore fight is always good for ratings.

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All this ethnicity talk is kind of bizarre to me.

I'm Mexican-American, but honestly that is the very last thing that I'd use to describe myself. I'm not some self-loathing person either but "proud of my heritage" doesn't really cover it. It's more along the lines of, it doesn't matter. I know my familial history, I can speak a bit of Spanish, I can cook the dishes of "my people" and I'm interested in visiting Latin countries but as far as me identifying with a certain group over another on my ethnicity alone is an alienating concept to me. I empathize with current immigration issues on the basis of states like Arizona treating people inhumanely, not because I am like those that are being persecuted.

Honestly, why the eff does it matter "what" we are?