Watch Justin Bieber Explain His Rich Tapestry of Tattoos, Including Selena Gomez and Jesus

Much like still waters run deep, so do heavily tattooed, brat-stached piss boys like Justin Bieber.


In a new video shot at his recent GQ cover shoot (read the excellent profile by Caity Weaver here), Bieber sits down to describe the meanings behind his many tattoos. There’s much to be learned, you see, like how owls signify wisdom and Jesus Christ is Jesus Christ.

“You might maybe know the shell of me or you might know the artist, but not necessarily me,” he explains regarding the X—signifying the unknown—tattooed on his forearm. And he’s right, we don’t know him. Not even a little bit, not even at all.


What we do know, however, is that the angel on his wrist is a drawing of Selena Gomez (a different kind of “ex”).

“I tried to cover her face up with some shading,” he says of the heavily rouged Gomez. “But people still know [it’s her].”

I guess we know something after all.

Among his many tattoos are several tributes to his mother, his friends, to God, as well as several inscrutable codes understood by Bieber and Bieber alone. The angel wings on the back of his neck (his newest tattoo) are his favorite. He is not a fan of lower back tattoos, “on a male or a female.”


With that revelation, Bieber swiftly skateboards out of the shot, headed for new ink and new discoveries. In his wake, we understand a little more about his shell, about him as an artist, but not necessarily about the man himself.

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I wish all celebrities with tattoos would do this. Do you know the time I have lost researching Lindsay Lohan’s tattoos one at a time?