Watch Julianne Moore Beat Sarah Palin at Her Own Game

It's difficult to think of 12 minutes that simultaneously give you a great appreciation for the craft of acting and also make you want to throttle someone. And yet that is exactly what this mashup of Sarah Palin's actual behavior and Julianne Moore's portrayal of it in Game Change accomplishes. The accuracy with which Moore nails Palin is almost shocking, and when it's all cut together, it's like traveling down a bizarro memory lane. Yet as good as she is, Moore doesn't have the true glint of crazy in her eyes that Palin naturally has (and which somehow Tina Fey managed to capture perfectly). Without that infusion of genuine insanity, Moore's performance reads a little darker and a little more evil than Palin herself seems... Oh God, what if Palin takes a play from Moore's book and makes herself even scarier? Then she might really be a lock for the Dark Lord of Evil Republican nomination—brb, gonna go jump off Alaska and land in Russia where it's safe.

Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin: Mashup Video Compares the Star and Woman She Portrayed [Hollywood Reporter]


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