E!'s new reality TV show Botched looks like a cross between Real Housewives and Extreme Makeover, in that it's mesmerizing and disgusting at the same time. The upcoming episode featuring Janice Dickinson should prove that handily.

"Janice's breasts have a lot of problems" says real-talking plastic surgeon Terry from the Real Housewives of Orange County, who is joined by Paul from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to "fix" people who have been "fixed" the wrong way before. Most specifically, they're "ancient" – 30 years old – and have started to "breadloaf," which is the colloquial term for when the implants move towards one another. You can also see them ripple as they're repeatedly poked at. The solution given is to replace Dickinson's implants and put the new ones under her chest muscle.

"It's so old that all the writing's been worn off it," said Dr. Terry of the implant he took out during the graphic surgery.

In another clip, Janice is told post-surgery that she's "doing things that could turn into a big problem" i.e. messing with her stitches and asking for more drugs even though she's an addict. Oh brother. The full episode airs Sunday night if you want to witness and feel more pain (the Human Ken Doll makes an appearance).