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Over on Radar, Amy Monaghan has a run down of the decade's most misogynistic movies. Did some of your faves make the list? From Superbad ("Dick-obsessed Seth is... a cretin who is afraid of vaginas"), to The Devil Wears Prada ("'Wake up, Six!' was the quip that launched a thousand fingers down girls' throats."), Sin City ("Two-dimensional curvy broads in artsy black and white play strippers, hookers, and waitresses who get beaten, raped, and beheaded."), andBridget Jones's Diary ("She's just like you! Or at least she's exactly what Hollywood thinks you're like: frumpy, insecure, man-hungry, and completely incapable of self-discipline!"), the gang's all here! Whether you agree or not, the fact that the Superbad picture is captioned "There Will Be Blood" is genius. [Radar]

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