Watch Giuliana Rancic's Cringeworthy SAG Awards Interview with Glee's Chris Colfer

Another awards show, another awkward red carpet interview by Giuliana Rancic! She's never been known for her red carpet skills (Ahem...), but Rancic's SAG Awards interview with Glee's Chris Colfer tonight took things to an uncomfortable new level. Update: Racism!

Of course, Colfer took everything in stride and was on point throughout the entire interview, but let's break some of Rancic's offenses down a bit:

First of all, was there any conceivable reason for Rancic to ask, "I mean, do you just sit there, like, watching The Real Housewives and then you just look up and you go, 'Wow!'" of Colfer after he said that his Golden Globe (watch his inspiring acceptance speech here if you missed it) sits near his television? Would she have said the same thing to, I don't know, Al Pacino?

Secondly, why the hell did Rancic ask Colfer if he was planning to set up "a lunch date" with Anne Hathaway—or text her!—in anticipation of her guest appearance on Glee?


Thirdly, what was up with the whole fly-being-down thing?

Fourthly, the whole "Air kiss!" thing? Ugh.

And lastly, "Work it!" Again, ugh.

The only thing missing from the interview, I suppose, was for Rancic to ask Colfer to *twirl* for her. Le sigh.

Update: Bonus time! Here's Rancic saying, "I cannot believe that Indian giver!" to Geoffrey Arend and Christina Hendricks about Justin Timberlake, after she found out that the airplane bottle of whiskey that she'd just given to the Social Network star was discarded (into Arend's suit pocket):

[Live From the Red Carpet]

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Even more cringeworthy was her interview with Jesse Eisenberg. Especially the part where she says, "...I'm gonna kill you."