Watch Gisele Bündchen's Post-Super Bowl Mini-Rant

A grumpy-looking Gisele Bündchen endured heckling from Giants fans as she left the VIP area at the Super Bowl stadium last night, following her husband Tom Brady's team's loss. Bündchen did not respond as men shouted "Eli rules!" and "Eli owns your husband!" But when the supermodel reached the elevator bank, she was caught on video saying, "You have to catch the ball when you're supposed to catch the ball. My husband cannot fucking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time. I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times." [The Insider]


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Meanwhile, in case you were wondering what Madonna's futuristic gilded centurion/robot queen halftime show look was all about, it was Givenchy, darling. Givenchy. [WWD]

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Susan Sarandon and her daughter Eva Amurri star in new Neiman Marcus ads. [People]

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Gap is launching a new line of basic t-shirts and tank tops called GapPure. It's a companion to the underwear line, GapBody. [Fashionista]

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21-year-old Argentinean model Naomi Preizler, like Sasha Pivovarova before her, likes to sketch backstage at fashion shows. [Telegraph]

  • New Urban Outfitters C.E.O. Ted Marlow says he plans to expand the chain in Europe and Asia to remedy its recent history of poor results. He also believes Free People is underperforming. [WWD]

    Jason Wu's collection for Target went on sale yesterday, and has already sold out at some locations around the country, and online. But there was no repeat of the server-melting Missoni for Target launch. [Fashionista]

    At one store in Miami, two resellers working in tandem managed to denude the whole Jason Wu section of its stock within minutes, sparking an angry reaction from others who'd been waiting in the line. This blog post by an unsuccessful Wu shopper attracted a series of defensive comments from Kevin Willis, a Miami-area DJ. Willis claims to be the male half of the reselling couple, and he's not sorry:

    "My 4 second head start makes hipster chicks cry. If I want to be the 1st person at Target at 6:30am to buy all the Wu my heart desires and do ass [sic] I please with it 'Craigslist, Ebay' cloth [sic] the homeless or use it to wipe my ass.... What business is it of yours? I broke no rules/laws and I defiantly [sic] did not push anyone. I'm sorry that I'm faster then you... maybe you should have ordered the Venti and got to the store at 6:29am."


    Teen Vogue editor Amy Astley says she likes it when entry-level job candidates list non-fashion and publishing-related jobs on their résumés, like waitressing.

    "I'll see someone who was a waitress for many summers and I'll say, 'Well, tell me about that.' In today's upwardly mobile résumé, you don't always see that. You often see kids who've never had a job. But I love seeing someone who scooped ice cream or was a waitress. To me, it means they had to make some money and they had a job dealing with the public.

    She says, "I also find that if you ask someone in an interview, 'Are you a morning person?' the truth always flickers across their face, no matter what they say." [NYTimes]

    Today in pageview whoring, The Daily Beast has a round-up of Karl Lagerfeldiana entitled, "The Wit & Wisdom of Chanel's Boss (PHOTOS)." Do you even need to ask if it's a slideshow? To be clear, we have no judge-y bone to pick in these matters, having long ago succumbed to the lure of the easy-peasy post of Karl's Koans. [TDB]

    David Beckham happened to remark that Victoria prefers to see him in long underwear than in boxer shorts, and sales of thermal long johns reportedly shot up by 40% in the U.K. [Daily Mail]

    A Wall Street Journal writer discovered that a silk pillowcase keeps her hair from getting too tangled. Um...this is, how to say, not exactly a secret. Does she not have any black friends? [WSJ]

    Stuart Weitzman is launching a new line called SW1 for fall. [WWD]

    And now, a moment with Michael Kors. Michael, what is the item of clothing you most regret designing? We lay our scene in 1991, when the designer unveiled his first men's wear collection:

    At the time, whenever I had to wear a shirt, or anything that I wanted to tuck in, I would always tuck it into my underwear. I thought, maybe we can combine classic men's briefs with shirts, sweatshirts, T-shirts. And I ended up with the unfortunate idea of bodysuits for men.

    From a distance, it would look like a guy was wearing briefs and a shirt, when in fact it was a little onesie with snaps under the crotch. You have to think, with the male anatomy, are snaps at the crotch the most comfortable thing? [...]

    I had to test-run them myself. I lasted about half an hour. The tugging, the digging, the snaps, the discomfort. They didn't sell at all, and I realized that as a designer, even if you can't wear something, you have to want to wear it. It was a clarifying moment that regardless of what I make-a woman's shoe, a man's jacket, a handbag, an evening dress — I have to be empathetic to the people who are buying it. Can you put yourself in their shoes?




I feel like some of Ms. Bundchen's comments last night were a little rude to Brady's teammates ("My husband cannot fuckking throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time" = "it was his receivers' fault for not catching his passes.") And that's partially true, but Brady didn't play perfectly last night, either. His interception was on a VERY suspect pass to a well-covered Gronk. His pass to Welker was inaccurate. And he's responsible for the safety on his first play, which set the tone for an at-times underwhelming (but by no means horrible) game on his part. That safety was a preventable mistake.

Meaning basically, Giselle can say what she wants, and I love that she has an opinion and doesn't sit in the stands looking mildly bemused. But I must disagree with her on this one.