Watch Drake, Meaghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran Read Mean Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel did another round of mean tweets for his Grammys special on Monday night with artists like Drake, Ed Sheeran, Lionel Richie, Meaghan Trainor, One Direction and Rita Ora all reading the worst that Twitter has to say about them.


Watch Drake recite a tweet that says he “looks like a ferret with a baby afro,” and Meaghan Trainor read one about her mediocrity: “Megan Trainor is like if the sassy girl you used to work with at Express just randomly had a singing career,” someone tweeted.

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Tupiniquim - Our spin is DEAD

The laugh that dude from Mumford & Sons lets out at the end of that tweet had me laughing really hard. Even he agrees that tweet was funny as hell.