Watch Drake Buy Convenience Store Snacks for Nicki Minaj

1. Obviously Drake is a fan of Cheetos. 2. Drake's hair on both his head and face is looking great. 3. Oh, is that Nicki Minaj?


Drake shared a screenshot of this video on his Instagram Tuesday night, while also seemingly commenting on his now-infamous appearance in Nicki's music video for "Anaconda." "So you want me to be in a video where you do what to me...I'm in," the caption reads.

Oh BTW here is Nicki Minaj in the thing that sparked all of this, Usher's video for "She Came To Give It To You", if you're into that. So many videos, some of them more interesting than others.


You know what? I like Drake and Nicki's friendship. It reminds me of mine and one of my guy friends.

We chill, we clown on each other, we talk about *feeeelings* and sensitive shit, we talk about girls and relationships... And at the end of the day if I asked him to help me out by sitting in a chair while I give him a lap dance he would be totally down (up?) for it and we would still be cool afterwards.