Oof! New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams has always been an eccentric character, and viewers of NBC New York's weekend morning news will know that she's become increasingly unhinged during her regular appearances—often jumping randomly from topic to topic and not seeming to entirely know the people she supposedly has the inside scoop on. But this appearance, from this morning, reveals that Cindy has completely gone over the edge. She starts off by listing who she thinks will be nominated for the Golden Globes—even though they've already been announced since the awards are next week—and then weaves through a crazy maze of random celebrity tidbits that doesn't seem related to anything in particular.

Her wildness and unpredictability used to be amusing, but now it's just getting uncomfortable and kind of sad. It's like she's got the rhythms of delivering gossip burned into her brain and just keeps dishing, even though she no longer knows what she's saying. Why they're still allowing her on air—and not vetting her scripts first—is not clear, but maybe it's time someone put an end to it. She's 81 years old, for God's sake, and a New York institution. She's certainly earned a spot in the quiet pre-war apartment where aging gossip writers go to live out the rest of their days in peace.

[Via Buzzfeed]