​Watch Boyz II Men Croon A Silly Ballad for Fast Food

Wendy's campaign to turn tweets in to love songs is continuing to be ridiculous, silly, and successful—now they've enlisted the ultimate love song masters to help them out. In this video for "YES YES YES!" released yesterday, Boyz II Men sing about…well, a pretzel bun. But they do give us a couple other gems, like describing emojis and pronouncing the acronym "OMG" as one word and of course singing "om nom nom" for about 20 seconds.


Can't wait to see Bell Biv DeVoe reunite for Carl's Jr.'s response song, "Poison."

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WORK! So many artists get screwed over moneywise by their management and labels, especially the ones form the 90's and especially the black ones. I hope B2M keep doing these ridiculous endorsements and make as much extra moneys as possible.