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Watch Beyoncé's Entire Flawless VMA Performance

Illustration for article titled Watch Beyoncés Entire Flawless VMA Performance

During last night's Video Music Awards, Beyoncé melted the MTV stage by performing a medley of her latest self-titled album as a pre-cursor to accepting the 2014 Michael Jackson Vanguard Video award. And now you can relive the moment at your desk. Happy Monday!


Below is Beyoncé's full performance in all of its glory, including background dancers dipped in glitter, an outfit made of church windows and Blue Ivy showing the world that she, also, woke up like dis.


Image via Getty.

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Molly with the Mediocre Hair

I bow down to anything Queen Bey does, but I wish she'd done more of a career retrospective for this performance. She was being honored for all her amazing videos over the years, and I would've loved to have seen little glimpses of those iconic moments.

But yeah, Blue made my ovaries explode.