Watch Ariana Grande Cover 'I Have Nothing' and Hit Every Last Note

Known baby Ariana Grande often seems less than comfortable in a performance setting—she dances stiffly in perpetual Halloween costume, like a stage mom's counting her in from the wings—but this video, via Refinery 29, has her at perfect ease: white sequins, a grand piano, and the one part of performance she does take obvious pleasure in, which is her self-mesmerized phenomenon of a voice.


The footage is from a stop on her "Honeymoon Tour" (LOL), in which Baby Grand nervously brings songwriter David Foster to the stage to accompany her on "I Have Nothing," which Foster co-wrote with his wife at the time. She calls it her "go-to song to sing... anywhere," and the two of them proceed to do Whitney Houston proud: the run-up to Ariana's first key change around 4:00 is particularly enjoyable, and I also recommend watching Foster absolutely loving life as she goes in for the second one at 4:35.



Dang. That's impressive. But I wish she didn't make it look so easy. I like it when you can see and hear the singer work their ass off, hitting notes through sheer determination. I wonder if she'll still be able to sing this in ten years when she doesn't have the benefit of being young and having the agile vocal cords of a baby. Like remember how Mariah and Christina could sing so effortlessly when they her age? Now watching them sing is so suspenseful because we have no idea if they'll make it to the end of the song alive.