Public marriage proposals seem more like social hostage situations than romantic queries. "Will you marry me? Btw, if you say, ‘No,' all of these people will grind their teeth from the unrelenting awkwardness." With that in mind, try really hard not to squirm while you're watching RNC staffer Bradley Thompson pull his girlfriend Laura Bowman up onstage and ask for her hand in sensible, heteronormative marriage while a picture of the couple's dog and the words, "Will you marry me?" flash on the jumbo-screen behind him, because no public marriage proposal is sufficiently humiliating until a large village can gather in a circle and watch it.


Awkward or Adorable? A Proposal at the Republican National Convention [Mashable]

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Does this site have a problem with Republicans or something? I know this might sound REALLY crazy and paranoid, but I'm kind of getting that vibe. Almost as if some of the less scrupulous Jezzie staffers are rabidly nosing through every scrap of footage from the RNC in an admirable (is this right? Ed.) attempt to find something to mock/ridicule/slight.

Two gawky nerdsters meet through work, fall in love, guy makes adorably lame but sincere proposal, girl accepts. If this was a movie with Ed Helms and Rose Byrne, you'd watch the hell out of it on a sick day, hypocrites.