Watch Amy Sedaris and David Letterman Talk About His Dying Dog

Listening to people talk about their pets is normally very dull, but, Amy Sedaris and David Letterman managed to do just that on Monday night and charm the pants off everyone. Letterman has a new dog, which Amy found very weird, because he already has a dog (two is too many, apparently). All was revealed though: Letterman's worried that his current dog Sully is not long for this world. In related pet news, thankfully, Sedaris talked about her rabbit again, who is "like the size of an Italian meatloaf, or maybe a small roasting chicken."

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My Maine Coon cat just died, a sudden and aggressive form of invasive cancer. And because talking about pets is about as exciting as showing people your 1000th picture of your toddler on the potty, I don't talk about it.

I can't joke about it, yet. His sister is still with us and walks around looking for him, but we won't be getting a second kitty because, as Letterman says, second pets with older pets can kind of wreak havoc.

Except that he was the greatest shaggy, mellow, affectionate companion EVER, I miss his heavy paw on my shoulder, and I am still in stunned disbelief that he just up and left the building.

On a side note, I love the snippet of wallpaper Sedaris shows in her rabbit damage picture. Also, Amy Sedaris: still funny.