Watch a Robot and a Doll Court and Marry Each Other in New Ad

A Filipino company called Manikako that teaches kids how to make their own dolls out of old clothes and other recycled materials collaborated with Energizer, Revolver, Post Manila and TBWA\SMP to create a WALL-E-esque ad that Adrant describes as "a charming love story," but that I find borderline creepy. Just borderline, though. I guess the ad's message is sweet but is it really productive to tell kids that the only way a sad, lonely robot can find happiness is that if it enters into the marriage contract? (Winston Wu would most certainly not approve.) And what does the doll see in the robot? All the robot does is mope, mope, mope. I don't know, I feel like they'd be just as happy in a civil union, but points to Manikako for celebrating the differences that can draw our alienated robot selves together.


[via Adrants]

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