Some marketing genius has really wised up over in the kingdom of affable/mischievous/hairless singing lads. By this, I mean that someone has realized that Harry Styles, in any form or resolution, will placate the tweens.

The tweens do not need Excited Harry Styles. The tweens do not need Studio-Version Harry Styles. Give them a mumbly, lil-bit-grumpy Harry Styles being filmed on a MacBook pro, perched next to a stack of travel magazines and one off-color orchid, and they'll be content. They will buy whatever he's selling (which, in this case, is a new perfume).

Unlike their previous perfume, "Our Moment," this perfume is titled "That Moment." Unlike their previous perfume, which contained "pink grapefruit, wild berries and redcurrants, combined with the delicacy of jasmine petals, and frangipani with the dry woody tones of musk and patchouli," this perfume contains "pink grapefruit and jasmine mixed with green apple and violet." SEE YA, FRANGIPANI AND DRY WOODY TONES OF MUSK.

One Direction's last perfume made $500,000 in one week. Also, the ad for it should be illegal because it is dangerously adorable (but so is surly hotel-edition Harry Styles, so who are we kidding here):