Wasted Charlie Sheen Found Wandering Around Taco Bell Drive-Thru

One lucky Charlie Sheen "fan" (I have no idea what Charlie Sheen does that warrants "fan"-ing, but far be it from me to limit anyone's self-identity) got the thrill of her life the other night when the man himself stumbled up to her car in the Taco Bell drive-thru.


"Sorry I'm so fuckin' hammered," Uncle Charlie intoned, thrusting his head and entire torso through the driver's side window. Then, tugging on the neck-hole of what I am choosing to label a "shirt"—though it resembles no human garment presently known to science—Sheen revealed his right nipple and a nearby tattoo of Charlie Brown. "You're hilarious," a beaming Sheen told his fans, even though they were just two people sitting silently in a car. And with that, he scampered off into the night.

Via Gawker via Reddit.

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Tequila Mockingbird

My mother, the worlds largest prude (she thinks Dancing With The Stars is "stuff they ought to keep in the bedroom") LOVES 2 1/2 men. Watches every episode multiple times and attempts to tell me the plot, though she can never remember the characters' names (except for Charlie) and calls them "that little guy" and "the skinny brother." I have no idea why she thinks it is so hilarious.