Waste Of Space: WSJ Devotes Frontpage Real Estate To Women's Ankles

Today's Wall Street Journal has a 1,120 word frontpage story on cankles. There's also video and an "unflattering body part slang" sidebar. It's embarrassing, as is the fact that I have to write about it. [Sorry. -Ed.] Plus:

This marks the the third time we've seen Gold's Gym is get press for its dumbass marketing campaign.


The WSJ piece, at least, includes a history lesson (for example, "bay window" was the term for "gut" in the mid-19th century). Plus, somebody invented a cankles "remedy" that "involves applying Preparation H hemorrhoid cream to the ankle and then wrapping it in an Ace bandage overnight." Ew. Can we just banish fucking "cankles news" now?

For The Body-Conscious, It's Now The Ankle That Rankles [WSJ]

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