WashPo's "Weddings And Relationships": Newest Best Guilty Pleasure

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OnLove, the Washington Post's new "marriage and dating section" is bringing the sexy back to the capital as only they can: celebrities, sex, and fashion. With airbrushing. Also, government employees. Oh, and a cake that looks like a crab.


Now that D.C. is the center of all things hot and sexy and now - with real housewives to prove it - obviously, they needed to step up the romance! Enter the hiply un-spaced "OnLove," which caters to the insatiable appetites of the capital's lovahs. Seriously, it's awesome. It's like "Vows" mixed with People, only dressed up in Brooks Brothers!

Wedding Write-Ups: First of all, these are done in this "cheeky," blind-date style.
First impressions: Missy: "I thought he was cute and a little geeky."
Ben: "Just what I was looking for . . ."
Note: you would feel comfortable leaving your dog, kids, and mail key with every single one of these couples, despite their avowed whimsy.

Cute Human Interest Story of a couple who's been married 65 years. Their secret? "Be nice."

Celebs: "Stars get married, too — and we love to watch them." The first "celebrity" in the gallery is Jenna Bush. The second one is Britney with K-Fed. And just when you wonder how they'll top that? Yes. Rod Stewart.

Cakes: The best one looks like a bucket of crabs with a box of Old Bay on the side.

Wisdom: "I don't believe that you're meant to be with everyone that you date...as long as you learn, and love and grow, you can be with someone for the rest of your life."

Given that the first installment rates a 110 on the entertainment scale, this is going to be hard to top. But on the off chance there's some kind of "House and Senate Romance Tips" or a story on "Crossing The Aisle!" or "Capital Crimes of the Heart," we'll be watching.


OnLove [Washington Post]



Now, if only instead of cake that were an actual bushel of crabs, it would be my kind of wedding.