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Washington's Gays to Mount Massive Marriage-Ruining Campaign

Illustration for article titled Washingtons Gays to Mount Massive Marriage-Ruining Campaign

And now, for some good news: after gentle prodding from the likes of Bill Gates, Washington is poised to become the seventh state in the Union to legalize gay marriage. Someone better break the news to the Straights of Seattle: you're all getting a divorce.


Washington's governor, Democrat Chris Gregoire, has expressed favor of the measure, and the state's House of Representatives had the votes to pass it. But the Senators were slightly pesky and noncommittal. Until this morning.

Democrat Mary Haugen told the Associated Press that she'd cast the 25th vote in favor of legalizing same sex marriage after mulling it over for a bit. "This is the right vote and it is the vote I will cast when the measure comes to the floor," she wrote.


Just added to life's bucket list: Attend amazingly kitsch Bavarian-themed gay wedding in Leavenworth. Make it happen, Washingtonians.

Wash has enough votes to legalize gay marriage [AP]

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I am calm, but thanks

What we need is federal recognition of gay marriage.