Things have been going pretty well for former San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.

He was sworn in by Vice President Joe Biden as the new Housing and Urban Development Secretary in July. That's a pretty momentous occasion for anyone, but when you are a person of color, your accomplishments are always subject to dumbasses who can't stop themselves from making stupid jokes about your race/heritage/religion for some reason. Take this crap nonsense from the once-glorious Washington Post.

The paper published a moronic subhead on their article about Castro in which they decided to reduce his accomplishments to a cheap, racist joke about food:


Yeah, he's got a Hispanic last name HE MUST EAT FAJITAS BY THE METRIC TON. The newspaper quickly apologized for the blunder, citing a copy editor trying to make a joke as the source:

"Imagine our dismay Tuesday morning when we opened the paper to read a most offensive subhead atop a Loop item about Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro and his staff," wrote Al Kamen, a columnist and co-author of the article, on Wednesday. "The copy editor who wrote it — a brilliant and supremely reliable colleague who had a bad day — was attempting to evoke the Texas origins of the secretary and his aides. He has apologized."


"Texas origins?" OK, cool. If you want to make a Texas quip, believe me there are plenty to go with. You can make fun of lots of stuff about this state (have you seen our governor lately?). Hell, make a Spurs joke! But let's be real here—no one used "fajita" to make a "Texas reference." That's a deliberate reference to Castro being Hispanic and sure, from Texas where along with PRETTY MUCH EVERY OTHER STATE you can get fajitas.

What the fuck is going on at the Washington Post? This was the paper that gave the world Woodward and Bernstein and the Pulitzer Prize reporting of Watergate. So far, this year we've been subjected to this crap, this other crap and this unhuly bullshit. Now we have this. Pull yourself together, Washington Post. You can do better.


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