The Coreys — Haim and Feldman — have a new reality show, creatively titled The Two Coreys. But they took time out from their busy schedules to talk to Nightline about being what it's like to be a drug-addled Hollywood teen! In the 80s, Corey Haim was the cute little brother in The Lost Boys. Later he became a crack and Valium addict who went to rehab 15 times. "You didn't really see kid stars getting busted at that point. It all kind of started snowballing after that. We were the predecessors," Haim boasts. Feldman, of The Goonies and Stand By Me fame, was arrested for heroin and cocaine possession, and his friend/costar River Phoenix died of an overdose. Feldman says he felt terrible about his addiction.

"For me, it wasn't about how hard it was to fight the disease, it wasn't about letting down my family — it was about letting down my fans. The day that I got arrested and I had to wake up and see it all over the news." Of Lindsay Lohan, Haim says, "I just feel bad for her. She doesn't realize that she's sick." Since both stars are now sober but decidedly B-List, we hope Lindsay will get the right message.


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