There's no real collective upside to the Frankenstorm's wreckage, but maybe individually there are some not-so-bad stories to tell.

With much of eastern seaboard without power, you've got friends, associates, and random acquaintances you barely know looking for electricity, wifi, a shower…and maybe, just maybe, a warm bed. Perhaps yours? Or maybe you were the one sleeping on the couch. How'd that go? Sure, people ended up with friends and family, but odds are that some folks ended up with a friendly host of a different sort. For parties feeling mutual attraction, the prospect of a candlelit evening - if not the scary hurricane night itself, at least the night after - with some wine could lend itself to a pleasurable experience (and, you know, body warmth for survival!). And hey, day three without a hot shower makes that fuck buddy whom you felt really ambivalent about a little more appealing, no? Provided you don't smell so horrible that the whole endeavor is rendered moot.

So for all the awful out there, maybe your personal experience was a little more pleasurable than expected. Did the hurricane or its aftermath lead to sexytimes for you? If you've got a story, email us and we'll run a compilation. (All anon, obvs.)