Was The Virgin Mary Actually A Man?

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Dr. Aarathi Prasad, author of a book about reproduction without men, muses on the possibility that Jesus was born to a virgin, but not a virgin with two X chromosomes.

Prasad argues that a virgin could give birth to a child, but no woman could produce a boy without the donation of a Y chromosome. In order for Mary to have given birth to Jesus, she would have had to have a condition called testicular feminisation, which would make her genetically male, but with the genitals of a woman. Unlike pythons, hammerhead sharks, and Komodo dragons, there has never been a documented example of a virgin birth in humans.

Virgin Conception Would Be More Plausible If Mary Was A Man [Guardian]

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Alright, mate, but there's a few details missing from your story.

Like a uterus, a vagina, a cervix...

And guess what... if "he" had all these things then "he"'s actually a woman.

Jeez, one of the XX camp's only big scenes in the Bible and you try to take it from us?!