Today a rerun of The Martha Stewart Show was playing in the background while I was working, and when I saw that Kathleen Turner was on, I just knew it would be good, and I took it off mute. She was there to promote her memoir Send Yourself Roses (that book in which she accused Nicholas Cage of dog-napping, which then led him to sue her). Anyway, I love the particular brand of crazy that she's been aging into, which I'm quite certain involves lots of vodka. On Martha Stewart, not only did Turner's voice sound like an ashtray personified, but she seemed to be lit, particularly when she was waiving her arms around in front of her and pointing her finger, a salty motion I've utilized several rounds in. Seriously, it seems like there should be empty martini glasses in front of them, not ingredients. Clip above, and after the jump, let's examine that book cover.
This is supposed to be a modern-day Kathleen Turner, like the one in the clip. The Photoshopping would lead one to believe it was snapped during the Body Heat era.

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