Warring Exes Engage in $60K Custody Battle Over Pet Dog

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New York man Craig Dershowitz is taking his ex girlfriend Sarah Brega to court in order to gain custody of the former couple's pet puggle Knuckles who Dershowitz claims was "dognapped" by Brega after the two broke up and Brega relocated to California. Dershowitz has already spent over $60 thousand dollars in legal fees and has even started a website asking for donations to help pursue his custody battle (for $100, Dershowitz offers a free night out at the nightclub where he works as a doorman and, for $250, you will get the opportunity — assuming that Dershowitz wins — to play fetch with Knuckles himself).


Dershowitz told ABC News that he has already received two orders from the state of New York granting him custody of the dog, but complications have arisen considering that Brega now lives in Los Angeles. The two will go in front of a California judge this week.

N.Y. Man Seeks Donations for $60K Dog Custody Battle



I get being attached to your pets; god knows I am. But this clearly has nothing to do with the dog and everything to with fucking with his ex. There's no way he'd spend that much on say, vet bills. What a freakshow.