Want to Obsess About Your Skin? There’s an App for That

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As anyone who's spent any time peering into the mirror inspecting every inch of their face can tell you, it's easy to obsess for hours about the size of your pores, every tiny pock or mark, and, of course, wrinkles. Well, naturally there's now an iPhone app to assist you with the poring over of your pores. It's called Color Frame, and it was created by a company in Japan. You frame little sections of your skin using a color wheel they provide, and then the app analyzes your skin and scores it using factors like "dullness, spots, and pore size." Ahh! You can use this information to compare your scores over time to see if that expensive eye cream you splurged on is actually doing anything or to fuel to your fears about your increasing decrepitude. Sounds like fun, right? The app is slated to launch later this year. Right now it's calibrated for Japanese women's skin, but the "skin database" will eventually be expanded to include all kinds of skin tones. So soon we can all commence crunching our face data every which way and lamenting about our bad pore visibility scores on Facebook. Thank God for technology.

New app will let you track acne, skin tone, and pore size [NYDN]

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Oh, Asians...we're so obsessed with skin, aren't we? A perfection almost no one can obtain, unfortunately!