Want To Marry A Billionaire? Be A Brunette

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In the age-old war of blondes versus brunettes, it appears as though the brunettes are winning. According to the Times of London, a dating site created a list of the world's top 100 billionaires and analyzed the tresses of the rich guy's wives and girlfriends. The results? 62% of billionaires had married women with brown hair. The article goes on to list brunettes linked to the "world's most successful men," including Carla Bruni, Sarah Larson (George Clooney's gf), Angelina Jolie and um, Catherine Zeta-Jones. As one Times commenter notes, "This article is incomprehensibly stupid." Quite right. Marrying a billionaire does not equal "winning" at life. And while we might project certain attributes onto blondes, and think of brunettes in a certain way, do people really consider Michael Douglas to be one of the "world's most successful men"? But think about this:

If the billionaires were women, and 62% of their husbands were dark-haired, would you think, those smart ladies are on to something? Or would you think, coincidence? The truth is, worldwide, dark hair is more common. So whomever you meet is more likely to be brunette anyway. But when it comes to pitting women against each other, there's always a new angle. Thanks, random dating site!

Brunettes Bag The Billionaires, Blondes Get The Barmen [Times]

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I don't think marrying a billionaire (or millionaire) (or distincly well-off dude) equals winning at life, but it does make life a helluva lot easier.

Life is better when you don't have to pay rent.