According to a report by Reuters, people who buy three pairs of sneakers or more a year are far more likely to have the qualities of a leader. Mindset Media, a company which examines personality traits of consumers, found that "multi-sneaker buyers were 50 percent more likely to be very assertive and 47 percent more likely to be spontaneous." Unfortunately, another story today, from Time magazine, states that 20,000 Vietnam Nike workers are on strike. Pesky workers! Never fear, we've got some great sneaker options for you, after the jump.

Metallics are still hot hot hot. Gucci Hightops, $425 [Gucci]

A sleek, mature alternative to all of the loud sneakers with bells and whistkes, Stella McCartney's gym boot is part architecture, part modern art. $225 [Adidas]


These sneakers may look like the Converse Charles Taylor model, but they're better, because they're Burberry! $295 [Neiman Marcus]


If you plan to actually use your sneakers to work out, be sure to try a shoe from Masai Barefoot Technology, which increases thigh muscle activity by 19%. It's almost swimsuit season! $249, MBT [Zappos]

And we musn't forget baby! Your sweetums may have been born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but she deserves gold on her feet!
Dior baby sneakers, $175 [eLuxury]


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