Want to have no babies forever but don't want to deal with the messiness of getting your tubes tied? You're in luck! A new procedure to sterilize women got the thumbs up from an FDA advisory panel this week. The procedure, which involves a device called Adiana, uses "radio signals to create a lesion inside the fallopian tube. A catheter delivers a soft material smaller than a grain of rice into the tube. Healthy tissue then grows on and around the material to create a permanent blockage." It's a brave new gynecological world out there, people. [ABC News]

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Tiger kitty!!

In my campus the vets were developing a new technique to neuter male kitties without surgery. All the kitties were safe and sound and given up for adoption afterwards. They had done it before with beagles, which they also gave up for adoption afterwards.

I don't think there were any problems, so soon enough they won't have to open up our cuddly-wuddly pets for us to be responsible owners.