Want to Eat Less? Try Putting On Diet Goggles

Beer goggles are famous for making everything look better, and a new pair of diet goggles are designed to do something very similar. Created by researchers in Japan, the goggles have a little computer inside that magnifies the size of whatever the wearer is holding while keeping their hand the same size. This makes your snack look bigger than it is, and, therefore, more satisfying. In a study, the goggles did result in people consuming about 10 percent less when they thought the cookie was 50 percent bigger than it was. Of course, they also had to wear goofy glasses while they ate. So, it's a trade-off. The same researchers also developed a system for the headgear which emits a scent, so it can fool you into thinking you're eating a chocolate cookie, when in fact you're eating a plain biscuit with no flavor. Mmm, delightful?

Professor Michitaka Hirose said it's all about using one or more of your senses to trick your brain: "Reality is in your mind." Whoa, that is deep. Anyway, at the moment, he has no plans to turn the diet goggles into an actual product you can buy. So, if you feel the need to trick yourself into thinking you're eating a gigantic cookie, you might need to rig up some kind of system using a pair of readers and a magnifying glass. Or, just don some old-fashioned beer googles and everything will look satisfying and taste great.


Japan 'diet glasses' fool wearers into eating less [AFP]
Jaimie Duplass

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